It seems as though the CAD-USD exchange is here to stay. Given that the costs of parts is closely associated with the USD, we've decided to review our CAD prices to better reflect the current situation. An increase of 10% is to be expected. These prices take effect on April 15th, 2015.

Also worth noting, the Operator!? Feedback/Loop is out of production. It had a good run, time to move on. We still have a few here at the shop so they will remain available to order until we run out.


Accountants are back in stock! and Meet Maudes will follow suit in about 2 weeks.

We've been very busy simply trying to keep up with orders so we haven't had much time to spend on the workbench designing new stuff. The itch is present though and many ideas are brewing, only a matter of time...

We have a few new dealers that are now stocking our products. Always nice. Cottonwood Music Emporium in Charlotte / Concord, North Carolina doing online only. Empire Guitars in Providence, Rhode Island sporting the old brick & mortar as well as online. New Quest Inc. doing online only out of Temple City, California. Perfect Circuit Audio in Chatsworth, California doing online, soon to have a shop in Burbank.



We wanted to thank everybody for their patience with the recent release of our Meet Maude Analogue Delay. It was a hell of a beast to tame, this delay of ours. Many setbacks and last minute changes didn't help but we're finally out of the rush, almost. The new Barbershop Millenium Edition Overdrive has also been keeping us busy. We've sent out the first hundred to our beloved shops and they are now available to order direct!

Our Canadian prices will be going up in the next few days due to the new reality of the USD to CAD exchange rate. Given how our cost is directly related to the US dollar, we have decided to increase the Canadian price of our pedals by roughly 5%. This change will take effect on September 1st so there are a few days left to order if you want to save a few dollars.  

We thank you in advance for your comprehension. Of course we want our pedals to be as affordable as possible but we also want to stick around and keep making inspiring units. This will help.



Randy's Revenge Rind Modulators are back in stock!

We've got everything we need to start production on Meet Maude, the first batch will get shipped late next week.

Things are coming up Fairfield!



An update on what's happening at the shop

Meet Maude pre-orders will be closing soon because our first batch is almost sold out. The response was overwhelming and we're really eager to hear everybody's thoughts once they put Meet Maude through its paces. Thanks to all for your continued interest and support.

Shipping will have to be delayed to early June. Some essential parts(the delay chips) are stuck at Canadian customs. We're working hard at getting those cleared but there's only so much we can do. So we're a bit late, waiting anxiously for parts to show up.

The Barbershop Overdrive Millennium Edition will be ready to order in the next month or so. Everything is planned out and we are very pleased with the results. It sounds exactly like the original with a bit more range of gain and an added hi-cut switch. Voilà.



So here it is, our video for Meet Maude Analogue Delay is out. Have a careful listen to get an idea of what she has in store. Pre-orders are still open, just head on over here. Shipping is scheduled to start mid-May.
Some details have changed since our last post. Notably the delay time is now spec'd as 500ms to 50ms. We really wanted to reach a shorter time than 100ms and the noise goes up considerably with long delay times, especially when you're pushing the BBDs beyond their specs. We'll try to lower the minimum delay time during manufacturing but it remains a good estimate of its range. 
The Barbershop Millenium Edition is on its way as well. We're waiting on the new boards to test out the whole thing. It shouldn't be too long now, maybe a month from now.


A lot of people are wondering what's happening with the overdrive. Not to worry, we're aiming to have it ready after the analogue delay, end of April. 

Here's the mockup for The Barbershop Millenium Edition.



So other than re-releasing the Barbershop OD, what will be doing in 2014? Well, lots. We are proud to announce the upcoming release of our new product, a full featured analog delay. So far, here's what we've cobbled together.

  • Two bucket-brigade (BBD) stages, allowing from ~700ms to ~100ms delay times. 
  • Discrete JFET compressor built-in. Can be set to light or heavy via switch.
  • CV jack for external control. Programmable by DIP switch inside case. 
  • Random delay time modulation, giving a light tape flutter effect. Also user-controllable.
  • Full control of delay time, mix, feedback, tone and volume. 

We're very happy with the sound of this bad boy. We are currently working with the prototype units, which means the pre-orders and release are not too far off. Our target date is around the beginning of April.




To kick off 2014, we've got 2 big project announcements. Some of you may have heard the Barbershop Overdrive is being retired. This is indeed true. At 999 units, it has reached the end of its natural life. However, we’re happy to say we’re already working on the redesign.

The Barbershop Overdrive Mark II, code name “Millenium Edition” is in the works. We’re exploring the many opportunities this redesign allows us, and we’re open to ideas! If there’s something you’d like to see on the new Barbershop, or something you don’t want to see, let us know.

Tune in tomorrow for the other big announcement. We’re quite excited about this one.



Fuck, we're late.


Fairfield Circuitry Presents The Accountant Compressor
Versatile, compact and as always, Unique & Robust

Hull, Québec - October 15th, 2013

The Accountant is an all original compressor designed with utility in mind. Inspired by classic JFET feedback compressors of another era, this tool is for discerning musicians looking to gain control of their dynamics, with style.

Don’t let its small footprint and simple controls fool you. This pedal has a wide array of applications, from pedal boards to studios, from barely noticeable to coloured and dirty compression.

  • Continuous control of output level (VOL) with plenty of volume on tap
  • Three position input pad (PAD) switch attenuates input signal
  • Three position ratio (RATIO) switch controls amount of compression
  • Typical 9V input
  • Built like a small tank
  • True bypass


The Accountant Compressor carries a retail price of $150 and is available through participating dealers, or directly through fairfieldcircuitry.com

For a limited time, you can pre-order this pedal and save a few bucks.





New shirts!

Two colours, brown and camel in a vowelless fashion. Check out the merch section for info and pictures.

Printed in limited quantity by our friends, 44 Wright and { l'ensemble vide }.




So we have a new site. One of those all included things, doesn't look too shabby. Makes everything much easier too. Still some quirks to work out so if you find anything, let us know.

Another tale of interest: We've been working quite hard on upcoming products. We have this compressor design that will be used in a couple pedals in the future which is being released as a stand-alone unit.

This here's the mock up. Controls are a volume knob, two 3-position switches, ratio and pad. A truly utilitarian compressor that is clean, transparent and versatile.

More details such as pictures, sound clips, pricing and availability coming soon.




This here collage demonstrates a section of a new project we’re working on. You’re looking at a pseudo-random voltage source generated by a small microcontroller and a filter. Simple and efficient. Beautiful really.

It could be used as a modulation source for many things (Randy’s Revenge for instance) but we have special plans for this one, special secret plans.




3x3 Matrix Mixer concept. Sort of a side project right now given the experimental nature of its applications.

Also, In order to make our life easier, the News section has been upgraded. To view older posts, please see the news archive.