So other than re-releasing the Barbershop OD, what will be doing in 2014? Well, lots. We are proud to announce the upcoming release of our new product, a full featured analog delay. So far, here's what we've cobbled together.

  • Two bucket-brigade (BBD) stages, allowing from ~700ms to ~100ms delay times. 
  • Discrete JFET compressor built-in. Can be set to light or heavy via switch.
  • CV jack for external control. Programmable by DIP switch inside case. 
  • Random delay time modulation, giving a light tape flutter effect. Also user-controllable.
  • Full control of delay time, mix, feedback, tone and volume. 

We're very happy with the sound of this bad boy. We are currently working with the prototype units, which means the pre-orders and release are not too far off. Our target date is around the beginning of April.