We wanted to thank everybody for their patience with the recent release of our Meet Maude Analogue Delay. It was a hell of a beast to tame, this delay of ours. Many setbacks and last minute changes didn't help but we're finally out of the rush, almost. The new Barbershop Millenium Edition Overdrive has also been keeping us busy. We've sent out the first hundred to our beloved shops and they are now available to order direct!

Our Canadian prices will be going up in the next few days due to the new reality of the USD to CAD exchange rate. Given how our cost is directly related to the US dollar, we have decided to increase the Canadian price of our pedals by roughly 5%. This change will take effect on September 1st so there are a few days left to order if you want to save a few dollars.  

We thank you in advance for your comprehension. Of course we want our pedals to be as affordable as possible but we also want to stick around and keep making inspiring units. This will help.