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CV/Expression Controlled Voltage Sag

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Voltage controlling voltage. A new, much more annoying way of patching signals together. 

Pairs particularly well with modular/semi-modular signals, giving LFOs, sequencers and (especially) envelopes new ways of interacting with pedals that don't have CV capabilities. 

Bipolar CV/expression to either flake out or come alive. 
Unexpected fuzz sounds, chirps and weird decays abound.

This is a volunteer position

Ships with a 28cm EBS flat DC-DC cable



Voltage sag in general is mostly interesting with simple analog circuits with relatively simple internal power conditioning and true bypass switching. This sadly rules out many modern “boutique” pedals, which are trending towards complexity. Overdrives usually work quite well. Vintage or cheap effects tend to reveal the most interesting non-linearities. Some simpler digital effects with internal clocks can get wild, but anything microcontroller based is a no-go. 

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